B & K is een iconisch Amerikaans audio merk dat bekend staat om hoogwaardige elektronica tegen redelijke prijzen. Met hetzelfde streven naar waarde, prestaties en innovatie is het merk opnieuw uitgevonden als een op integratie gerichte fabrikant die unieke functies levert op populaire thuisbioscoop- en meerkanaals  audio platforms.


  • A/B switching for easy multi-room integration
  • Integrated pre-amp for source selection and volume control
  • Analog, digital, and speaker-level inputs
  • Sub out
  • 12V trigger, signal sense, IR and IP control
  • Stable to 3 ohms
  • Universal power supply.

MRA 16.75+

Mix it up.  Every room in your home isn’t the same so why use an amplifier that treats them that way?  Inevitably there are rooms that crave more power: think great room, pool, or patio to name a few.  With that in mind, we developed the world’s first multi-channel amplifier to deliver power where it’s needed most.  Featuring 12x75wpc for robust background music plus 4x150wpc to let two zones really strut their stuff, this powerful 16-channel amplifier is unlike any other.  Made in USA.


  • Independent analog inputs per channel plus two bus inputs
  • 12V trigger and signal sense
  • Stable to 2 ohms
  • Rack-mountable (4U)
  • Fan-cooled
  • Universal voltage

HTA 7.150

With great power, comes great responsibility.  At the heart of any great A/V experience is powerful amplification.  Award-winning designer Morris Kessler lets loose with seven channels (150wpc) of crystal clear Class AB power, featuring a fully-balanced topology including dual DC servos and current feedback, capable of reproducing the most demanding passages of today’s blockbuster soundtracks with ease and sophistication.  We dare you to find a better-performing amplifier anywhere near this price.  Made in USA.


  • Massive power supply
  • 5-way binding posts
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • 12V trigger
  • Stable to 4 ohms
  • Rack-mountable (3U)
  • Fan-cooled
  • Universal voltage