UHD60 – in voorraad

A greater sense of depth and realism in every scene
  • 4K UHD resolution and HDR compatible
  • Amazing colour – accurate Rec.709 colours, 3000 ANSI lumens
  • Easy connectivity – HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, S/PDIF, 2x 4W speakers
  • Easy installation – vertical lens shift

TV, gaming and movie fans can now enjoy impressive 4K cinema quality images in their own home with the Optoma UHD60.  Incorporating Ultra HD 4K resolution it brings content to life with thrilling detail, colour and contrast for a stunningly immersive experience.

Packed with the latest technology and features, the stylish UHD60 boasts High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, HDCP 2.2 support and includes an integrated speaker that provides powerful sound. Bright 3000 lumen images and easy set-up means you can enjoy life-like big-screen entertainment in any living space.

4K UHD Resolution

With over eight million pixels, Ultra HD 4K resolution brings four times more detail than Full HD, to deliver sharper, life-like images and richer colours. Allowing you to sit closer to the screen and enjoy a more immersive experience.


HDR compatible

Capable of receiving and displaying HDR meta data, Optoma HDR compatible projectors allow you to see far more detail and texture. Objects look more solid and life like and the extra detail creates a greater sense of depth. It’s like looking through a window.

SDR to HDR conversion

Give your SDR content a second lease of life with SDR to HDR conversion. This unique feature lets you enjoy near-HDR content from any standard source – providing enhanced contrast, detail and colours to all SDR content.

Amazing colour

Kijk films, TV shows of sportwedstrijden en speel games in oogverblindende kleuren. Optoma projectoren bieden u een betrouwbare presentatie, voor iedere vorm van content in iedere omgeving. Onze Home projectoren voldoen volledig aan de internationale HDTV standard “Rec.709 colour gamut”, die een exact accurate weergave van cinematic kleuren garandeert, zoals de regisseur het bedoeld heeft. Maar ook meer verzadigde kleuren voor een spetterend beeld, voor bijvoorbeeld gaming.

Vertical lens shift

Simplify installation with vertical lens shift, which provides a wider range of projector placement possibilities. This makes it easier to position the projector in your room and enables a wider range of screen size options.

Dynamic Black technology

This feature gives more depth to your image by smoothly adjusting the lamp output, based on the brightness information of each frame; to create a stunning high contrast ratio. Bright scenes appear crisp and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks and exceptional light and shade detail.


This technology ensures all the information contained in an image is faithfully reproduced on the screen giving a stunning crystal clear, pin-sharp picture.

Colour Management System (CMS)

Display accurate life-like colours to best match your viewing environment. This unique feature provides you with the flexibility to fine-tune the colour settings to the Rec. 709 standard for optimal precision.

Integrated speaker

Complete your home entertainment experience with the convenience of a powerful built-in speaker. Built-in speakers provide exceptional sound quality and are easy to set up without the need for costly external speakers.


Turn your projector into a smart display by connecting a smartphone or tablet with a single cable using MHL to play games, stream videos and share photos on the big screen.

USB power

Use the USB-Power to power an HDMI dongle, such as Google Chromecast.

ISF modes

This feature allows you to save your calibrated day and night mode settings for the highest possible viewing experience.


Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps). To preserve the purity of the original image, Optoma projectors can accept high definition sources at 24 fps to display movies exactly as the director intended.

Gaming mode

Gaming mode optimises your projector for lightning response times, maximum contrast and vivid colours to capture every detail – leaving you time to focus on winning.

Waarom 4K?

Projectie laat door de grote beeldbreedte geweldige extra detail zien van 4K resolutie die je gewoon niet kunt zien op een standaardformaat TV. Net als in een bioscoop creëert het hele gezichtsveld een levensechte ervaring.

Een van de kleinste 4K-projectors op de markt, stelt de UHD60 een nieuwe benchmark in prestatie voor een zeer scherpe prijs. En met 3.000 lumen, is het helder genoeg om ook fantastische punchy beelden te maken, zelfs in een niet volledig verduisterde ruimte.


4K UHD XPR technology – 8 million on screen pixels
Amazing colour technology – Rec.709
8W audio sound box
1.35 – 2.22:1 Throw ratio
1.6x zoom
15% Vertical lens shift
2x HDMI, VGA, SPDIF, USB Power, 12V Trigger, RJ45
HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2
HDR Support
Does not support 3D
Leverbaar vanaf juni 2017

Naast deze UHD60 UHD projector zijn er nog meer 4k UHD projectoren modellen van Optoma:

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  • 4K UHD resolution and HDR compatible
  • Amazing colour – accurate Rec.709 colours, 2200 ANSI lumens
  • Fluid viewing – PureMotion frame interpolation
  • Easy installation – vertical lens shift